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Meet Tiffany, owner of Adeline & Grace Intimates. We’ve helped her show up consistently on social media while allowing her to stay in her zone of genius behind the camera. Hear about how her experience with Sukhan Social Media has helped her expand her business in a different direction and how hiring a social media manager changed her business.

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Tiffany Walker,
Adeline & Grace Intimates

"I cannot say enough good things about Jen! I have tried having a social media manager in the past however that person dims in comparison to the organization, structure and delivery of what Jen can achieve. My first consult with Jen we discussed how what I wanted my vision to be for Instagram in the upcoming year. She helped me narrow down who my target client was as well as the locations they are shopping and what their pain points are. Getting the images and content out to her is crazy simple and she has a great structure for approving all posts before they go live. She is constantly coming up with new ideas which are not only amazing for my Instagram feed but also pushing my business in a new direction which I completely appreciate. She is quick to follow up on any questions, organized, friendly, polite and can absolutely sound like the face of my business even though it’s not me. #winning If you have been trying to piece together your own social media Posts, getting overwhelmed, missing inquiries or not getting any traction with your posts just stop wasting time and hire Jen!"

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Genelle & Krispen,
Perfect Paws

"It was a great move for us, hiring Jen to manage our social media. She took care of everything for us, which let us focus on the client we had in front of us (4 legged, and otherwise). Since hiring her, we’ve seen new client acquisition increase from an average of 13% (8 new clients per month) to an average of 39% (54 new clients per month), which is undeniably a dramatic increase. We had no idea how much we were leaving out there by not having an active social media plan."

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Rachel Stewart,
Rachel Stewart Fitness

"Jen from Sukhan Social Media has been a phenomenal addition to my business. Her engagement strategies have boosted my social media and created a sense of community in my followers that I was lacking before. She has built genuine relationships within that community, warming up my audience and making sure it is full of ideal, potential clients. I have signed many new clients as a direct result of the outreach and connection that Jen has created. I greatly appreciate how authentic and genuine all of her engagement is. I have been working with her for over a year, and plan to continue because her work is so good, organized and valuable for my business!"

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Tom Powell Design

"Jen has helped us tremendously in integrating social media into the sales and marketing strategy of some key accounts. Her expertise and knowledge has helped us achieve and exceed our goals with reaching key influencers and garner relationships with customers alike. Not only does she keep us on track, but has taken time to educate us as we delve deeper into an ever-changing platform. Extremely reliable, knowledgeable and professional."

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Mint & Poppy 

"I hired Jen to help with my engagement as I just didn’t have the time - her process was extremely thorough and she really got to know me so well! She dug deep on who my ideal client was, and in doing so - I built some amazing connections with others on Instagram. She does a really great job at building relationships and creating meaningful conversation with people. She really does take her time to get to know someone, build that trust and create genuine connections! I am so thankful I got to work with Jen, she really changed how I approach DMs and upped my engagement as a biz owner! Would highly recommend Jen to anyone looking to outsource this area of their business."

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Chantal Firouz

"If you’re looking to create better relationships, nurture your current community and connect with ideal clients - Jen of Sukhan Social Media is your go to girl. 

Her onboarding process is seamless, she’s beyond organized and always keeps you in the loop as to what’s going on and if there is a different approach that should be implemented to ensure you get the results you’re looking for. 

As a relationship building and lead generating expert she came equipped with everything she needed to start generating results from day 1 which is a huge relief when you’re placing your business in the hands of someone else. 

She is extremely professional, easily adaptable and will go the extra mile for you. If you’re looking to get more time back in your schedule while showing up consistently for your growing community of ideal clients on social media reach out to Jen - you won’t regret it!"

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