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Meet Tiffany, owner of Adeline & Grace Intimates. We’ve helped her show up consistently on social media while allowing her to stay in her zone of genius behind the camera. Hear about how her experience with Sukhan Social Media has helped her expand her business in a different direction and how hiring a social media manager changed her business.

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Tiffany Walker,
Adeline & Grace Intimates

"I cannot say enough good things about Jen! I have tried having a social media manager in the past however that person dims in comparison to the organization, structure and delivery of what Jen can achieve. My first consult with Jen we discussed how what I wanted my vision to be for Instagram in the upcoming year. She helped me narrow down who my target client was as well as the locations they are shopping and what their pain points are. Getting the images and content out to her is crazy simple and she has a great structure for approving all posts before they go live. She is constantly coming up with new ideas which are not only amazing for my Instagram feed but also pushing my business in a new direction which I completely appreciate. She is quick to follow up on any questions, organized, friendly, polite and can absolutely sound like the face of my business even though it’s not me. #winning If you have been trying to piece together your own social media Posts, getting overwhelmed, missing inquiries or not getting any traction with your posts just stop wasting time and hire Jen!"

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Alex Halton,
Business Coach

"Jen has been a lifesaver. Her on brand templates for all my social media platforms have been extremely helpful in allowing me to stay within my zone of genius. She really listened to what I wanted and what my brand was about and provided the exact vision that I wanted! It was like she was inside my head! I’m so thankful for her and her skillsets of allowing people to focus on the things they love in their business while taking control of the engagement, branding and all things social media! These little pieces are what create HUGE momentum in businesses but can also drown entrepreneurs by being so time consuming. I am forever grateful for her in my business and my life!"

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Alix Noon,
Rise of the Voice Inspired

"Working with Jen has been an absolute pleasure! She is so efficient and knowledgable. I am fully confident in utilizing her services to help my businesses run smoothly! I have already started generating new clients and sales through the extensive client focused hashtags she found for me! Her services saved me hours and hours of time and energy so that I could focus on other areas of my business! Thank you so much, looking forward to using Sukhan Social Media for more ongoing services in the future!"

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