This course is EVERYTHING you need IF you are struggling to fill your Instagram community with ideal clients and are READY to put in the work to create a profitable, freedom-based business.


Are you tired of not landing clients on Instagram?

Hi, I’m Jen, Owner of Sukhan Social Media.

On social media, I went from hearing crickets, being bummed out over low engagement, not being able to grow my community OR make money on Instagram TO... more than TRIPLING my community, having my DMs blow up, and booking out my services with ideal clients. 

Like you, I didn’t know how to do it at first! BUT, after a lot of testing and tweaking, I have perfected my formula and have the results to show for it! 


The Client Attractor Formula is perfect for you if you’re:

  Struggling to find potential clients on Instagram and want more people reaching out to you.

➤  Tired of waking up to no new followers or DMs from dream clients.

  Tired of seeing everyone else make sales while you’re struggling to convert.

I want to assure you we’ve all been there.

I struggled with having an Instagram that wasn’t monetized, sharing content people weren’t interested in reading, and my community was stagnant and at a standstill.

I had to figure something out.

Bills were piling up with zero money coming so I made a game plan.

That’s when I created The Client Attractor Formula. This formula has allowed me to grow exponentially on social media, be in high demand for my services and make consistent income that has surpassed what I made in my soul sucking 9-5.

This formula is the exact thing I use with my clients and I want YOU to be able to do the exact same thing!

Imagine this...

  • Attracting clients without having to constantly seek people out on your phone and computer
  • Having a loyal Instagram community who knows, likes and trusts you and can’t wait for your next piece of content or offer to drop
  • Waking up to an inbox filled with DMs from dream clients who are dying to work with you

The tools and strategies in The Client Attractor Formula will start you on the path to doing exactly that.

This course is literally everything I needed and wish I had when I was ready to quit my 9-5 and set out on my entrepreneurship journey.


Become a magnet to your ideal clients by speaking their language and creating content that deeply resonates with them.


Stay top of mind by genuinely connecting and building meaningful relationships.


Take those genuine connections and pivot the conversation into a business relationship.

This course will teach you exactly how to do this on Instagram and I am SO excited for you to learn my secret tips, tricks, and proven strategies.

Wondering if this is going to work for you?
Here’s what people are so saying so far...

“The lead tracker you included is exactly what I needed to stay organized, stay top of mind with my ideal clients, stand out from the crowd and have a system in place to follow up!” 

- Michelle

"Everything is what I didn't even know that I needed… My account is consistently growing, my inbox is consistently full...."

- Rachel

“I can’t thank you enough for discussing objections. This has been a huge struggle for me and I feel so much more confident now 💓”

- Shannon

I did it, I’ve helped my clients do it, now it’s your turn!

I’m giving you my play by play, step by step, top secret look into the exact strategy and process that has allowed me to gain massive visibility, has booked out my services and skyrocketed my income.


What’s included in The Client Attractor Formula course?

You instantly get access to 3 value packed modules. Each module contains 7+ videos that you can learn and implement at your own pace. I have broken down each video to be under 30 minutes so that you have time to watch it and not have to worry about where you left off. There will also be an additional training each month from myself  or a guest expert. 

All you need is 30 minutes to an hour a day to watch the videos, learn the strategies and implement them into your own business. YES...that’s it!!


This is for you if…

➤  You’re a Social Media Manager, Virtual Assistant, etc. who wants to add on another service offering or fine tune your current offerings.

  You’re a business owner who wants to grow and monetize a loyal community.

  You’ve struggled to grow your business on social media and don’t even know where to start.

They did it, so can you! 👇

"I cannot BELIEVE how much value you are giving away in this course... INSANITY!!"

"The types of clients to engage with on IG has given me new insight to all the places I can tap into ideal clients and where to find them depending on what stage they're at. The lead tracker you included is exactly what I needed to stay organized, stay top of mind with my ideal clients, stand out from the crowd and have a system in place on follow up!"

"Can I just say how you breakdown authentic engagement is beyond genius!? You've opened my eyes to a whole new way of leaving thoughtful comments that help create connections. My mind is blown 🤯"

If you’re thinking of clicking away from this page without jumping into The Client Attractor Formula, this is what you need to know:

I created The Client Attractor Formula because not only did I struggle and feel frustrated, but I saw and heard how many amazing business owners were spinning their wheels trying to reach their ideal audience and be able to monetize their social media. 

Don’t let that be the way your journey plays out... no matter where you’re at in your business journey YOU have the power to make change.